Influencer Marketing for Denver Businesses

Influencer Marketing (IM) – what exactly is that and does it help small companies at all? This is exactly what we would like to answer for you today. You’ll be surprised, that much is certain.

IM is only for the big players in the industry – at least that’s what most small entrepreneurs think. Just like search engine optimization, small and medium-sized companies in Denver can benefit from IM if they take the right approach. Of course, the Duchess of Cambridge won’t advertise your baby romper or the gardener of the Federal Chancellery will not promote your weed brands right away, but with a bit of skill, you can still reach influential people with contacts to your target group.

That’s exactly what you want to achieve: As many relevant interested parties as possible and as many customers as possible as a result. This is exactly where influencers can help. These are simply known persons who have a long range. That doesn’t have to be the Federal Chancellor – a much-noticed blogger in your region who blogs on your topics does, too.

Five steps to influencer marketing

Local marketing has its strengths and should remain part of your marketing strategy. But if you want to do without a website or at least a Facebook presence today, you make it unnecessarily difficult for yourself. Social media channels play a particularly important role in online marketing. And a really big one!

In our increasingly digitalized world, the classic local marketing channels such as the Gemeindeblättchen or the classic Postwurfsendung are attracting less and less attention, especially among the younger generations. Digital, significantly more people can be reached in significantly less time.

Take the step and use IM for your company. There are almost always influential people who can support your local marketing.

1) Set targets

Without knowing where you want to go, a trip to the vastness of the IM makes little sense. Define exactly which goals you want to achieve with it and become concrete in the process. More visitors to your website, higher click rates, more frequent customer inquiries – keep track of your goals.

2) Find influencers

Unfortunately, not everyone is influential. That would also be far too easy and even a bit boring. Get close to the topic and find the influencer that is interesting for your target group. It’s not as hard as it might seem at first. Simply take the direct route through your customers and take a close look at what they are reading and who they are following on social networks. Do it like them and follow the most prominent influencers as well. If you are in Denver, it’s especially helpful to find someone either from this city or from Colorado.

3) Build a relationship

Who would react to a crude request √† la “Please share my offer”? An influential person in your industry is certainly not.

It takes a little more tact, more than a loveless assignment, more a solid relationship. Bake small rolls at the beginning, divide the posts of the influencer or liken them for example. This is how you can move out of nowhere into the target’s field of vision. And create the ideal basis for step four.

4) Make contact

The time has come: At some point the gentle sneaking around to the influencer was worthwhile and you can make a direct contact attempt. But be careful: Even if you are now in the field of vision, the construction of a functioning IM still needs sensitivity. Show the person who is going to support your local marketing what they get out of it.

Free product samples, for example, are a nice courtesy; after all, even the most influential people don’t want to leave their seats without a profit and feel used as pure advertising ambassadors.

5) You benefit

The fifth step can only be achieved by those who have proceeded cautiously beforehand. If you have taken small steps, selected the right people and can actually win them over for your purposes, marketing from here on is often a matter of course. At the very least, your reach has improved enormously if the followers of the influential also take a look at your offer from time to time. Of course, there are no arguments against several influencers, so you can drive on two tracks.

No matter how big a company is, every industry has a target group, every company has potential customers. If this is not the case, it will not be able to stay on the market for long anyway.

In this way, the target group can simply be reached more easily and in the best case, a win-win situation arises for both sides. That would be worth a try and promising addition to your local marketing, wouldn’t it?